Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring line up!

Every girl has those certain shoes that make her feel confident and comfortable for each season! These are a lost of my MUST HAVES for spring! Pictures will be at the end.
1) toms- easy, comfortable, a quick spice to every outfit
2) strapy sandals- mine are from American eagle, sandals are a step up from flip flop and can make a casual outfit look a lot more put together
3) flip flops- these are the 2 for $5 old navy flip flops that almost every girl has and needs! You don't have to feel bad about ruining these or getting them dirty because they will wash off and are extremely cheap! If you are looking for better qaulity I really love haviannas!
4) neutral heels- these are some of my favorites because mine wrap around the ankles and I love that look! Neutral colored heels can be worn to any event! With a dress or casual high waisted shorts!
5) sperrys- if you hunt for sperrys, it is easy to find a great deal! I have 4 pairs of sperrys and I haven't bought any of them at full price. These are comfortable, good for your feet, and a easy outfit fix!
<3Sarah Anne

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