Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy film canister craft!

As you guys know, I love analogue cameras, and analogue cameras take film, so I constanly have film canisters laying around! It occurred to me that bobby pins would fit perfectly in them! Here's a quick tutorial for how to transform your film canisters!
1) find a pattern in a magazine or offline that you like, I chose some daisys from a marc Jacobs ad.
2) take a piece of double sided tape( about an inch long) and put it on the inside of the canister
3) roll the paper that you have cut to fit the canister into a cylinder. It doesn't matter how big it is.
4) drop the cylinder into the canister and let it form to the size of the canister. Push it against the sides to make it stay.
That's all! This is great to throw I to your backpack or purse when you are at a lose for bobby pins!
<3Sarah Anne

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