Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick idea: reinforcements

I was strolling along in my toms today and I realized how worn they were right in the toe area, more specifically were you toenail rubs the fabric. My sister said that she had had it literally poke through the fabric leaving her with a hole and thus forcing her to throw her $50 toms away! I researched it and the most simple and logical way seemed to place a piece of duct tape on the inside of where you toe rubs! Easy as that! So do you and your toms a favor by saving their lives for 5 more years:)
<3Sarah Anne

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy film canister craft!

As you guys know, I love analogue cameras, and analogue cameras take film, so I constanly have film canisters laying around! It occurred to me that bobby pins would fit perfectly in them! Here's a quick tutorial for how to transform your film canisters!
1) find a pattern in a magazine or offline that you like, I chose some daisys from a marc Jacobs ad.
2) take a piece of double sided tape( about an inch long) and put it on the inside of the canister
3) roll the paper that you have cut to fit the canister into a cylinder. It doesn't matter how big it is.
4) drop the cylinder into the canister and let it form to the size of the canister. Push it against the sides to make it stay.
That's all! This is great to throw I to your backpack or purse when you are at a lose for bobby pins!
<3Sarah Anne

Spring line up!

Every girl has those certain shoes that make her feel confident and comfortable for each season! These are a lost of my MUST HAVES for spring! Pictures will be at the end.
1) toms- easy, comfortable, a quick spice to every outfit
2) strapy sandals- mine are from American eagle, sandals are a step up from flip flop and can make a casual outfit look a lot more put together
3) flip flops- these are the 2 for $5 old navy flip flops that almost every girl has and needs! You don't have to feel bad about ruining these or getting them dirty because they will wash off and are extremely cheap! If you are looking for better qaulity I really love haviannas!
4) neutral heels- these are some of my favorites because mine wrap around the ankles and I love that look! Neutral colored heels can be worn to any event! With a dress or casual high waisted shorts!
5) sperrys- if you hunt for sperrys, it is easy to find a great deal! I have 4 pairs of sperrys and I haven't bought any of them at full price. These are comfortable, good for your feet, and a easy outfit fix!
<3Sarah Anne

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hey Dolls!
so i first off want to apologize for not posting for a while! i have been so busy, but now that it is almost summer i will be posting more often!  now, to get to the fun part!

i love doing peoples hair, especially braiding.  a lot of my friends ask me to do braids in their hair all day long and lately word has been going around that im a good braider (i know it sounds wierd!), but a lot of people have been asking me to do there hair recently. anyways, my point is that every time i braid someones hair from now on, i am going to take a picture with my phone and upload it right away! i think this is a fun and fresh new way to give you guys simple ideas! once i post them you guys can feel free to comment on them if you have any questions on how to do them and i will gladly make a post!

Do you guys like this idea?

Hope your last days of school are going well!
<3Sarah Annie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hey girlies! This is a super quick announcment that I just found out about and HAD to tell you guys! Saks Fifth Ave. Is having a friends and family sale, use code: FRIENDS to get 20% off your purchase! That's a lot for Saks! Of course there us minor restrictions but its a great deal!
<3Sarah Anne

Monday, April 23, 2012

Plain stlye.

simple style is definitely trending. i know i have been doing a lot of fashion psots lately but who doesnt love fashion!?
a great example of what "simple style" is, is american apparel! words cannot describe so instead a have chosen to do a mostly pictures post, i hope they inspire you!
<3Sarah Anne