Saturday, March 17, 2012

tip of the day: gel nail removal

hey loves! so a couple weeks ago i got shellac put on my nails and i am a big fan of it! I've gotten it probably like 5 times and it is great! one of the things that stink about it is how bad it leaves your nails after the fact.  they really don't damage your nails as much as it looks. this magically makes them look like they have little to absolutely no damage in 3 quick steps! 
Step 1:
when peeling off your gel nails, have them constantly being washed under warm water, this will help them come off easier and your nails wont feel as much pressure
Step 2:
wash your hands really good with soapy water
Step 3 *key step*:
apply Vaseline(petroleum jelly) to each nail and moisturize into the nail. if you do not have Vaseline, i have learned that lip gloss works great! treat your nails as if they are wet from nail polish for the next 1/2 hour or so. DO NOT WASH OFF VASELINE/LIP GLOSS OR IT WILL NOT WORK!

good luck! i hope this works as amazingly on your nails as it does on mine!
<3Sarah Anne


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