Sunday, April 15, 2012

Favorite new sites!

Here are some sites i have been enjoying lately!
who doesnt want to explorer how desperate people these days are? this site shows you! it is one big list of things people will do for you for $5. one of the fun ones i saw was pass out flyers(i cant remember but i think it was 50) in times sqaure! so cool!
so basically you sign up and put in your intrests. once you have that you click stumble and it shows you awesome sites based on your interests! it gives you awesome sites everytime!
I have recently signed up for influenster and got my first "gift" the other week. no, not a voxbox but it was a trial for a new product. i was a little dissapointed that the product was dish soap..... but its a start! some people never get things so i am happy that i even got something! (if you guys have any suggestions for how to get voxboxes, let me know!)
<3Sarah Anne

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