Sunday, March 11, 2012


hows your last days of winter going dolls?! a while back i had done a vintage cameras post and it is actually my most viewed post today! so i wanted to do another post like it since its what you guys like! as you guys know i really am passionate about photography and vintage pictures. as of now i own 2 vintage polaroids.

the poalroid land camera


the spirit

polaroid the company has gone through many things in the past ten or so years and is now owned or runned by a new company.  anywho, i love my polaroids but the film if sooooooo expensive! polaroid no longer makes the film, but there is a company called the impossible project that now sells it(still VERY expensive). i think your best bet is buying a vintage polaroid that all ready has film that maybe the store didnt know was already in it! sometimes it only has a couple pictures left on it, but if the polaroid is super cheap it is worth it.  polaroid has come out with a new and redesigned polaroid with cheaper film! there is also a fujifilm version but i am a fan of polaroid:)
hope you enjoyed this post!
<3Sarah Anne
do you or have you ever owned a polaroid?

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