Tuesday, November 1, 2011


i know what you are thinking..finally a haul! well.... incase you guys didnt guess, i am obsessed with shopping!! even more than shopping, i love getting great deals! i almost never buy something at full price unless full price is a good price.  so on that note my haul for today will be from target! omg i honestly LOVE target! it is so trendy and has pretty good prices.  so to cut to the chase, heres what i bought!
so first i found this super cute top with an amazing pattern! it is long sleeved with sinching at the wrists, it is all one pattern except for the back which has a yolk of lace(shown in pic)
I found this on sale for about $10!
Then i found this adorable sweater! it was a little pricey for target but this is how high there prices are these days :).
this adorable poncho-ish sweater was around $25
ok to wrap it up, yes this was short but i wanted to get up a haul, i got 2 pairs of sock to wear over leggings! this is my favorite trend EVER ok maybe not ever but in a while! i wear them over leggings with uggs and it is just way to adorable!
These were about $2.50 a piece
If you guys have any questions at all, please please ask me! i would love to answer them! also i wanted to say that these socks are more casual and if you want a more non-casual look i would go for some cute ones that almost look like croched lace! i have 2 pairs in grey and light tan that i bought from macys! anyways, happy shopping!
ps.- favorite halloween costume i saw: people covered in purple and green balloons being grapes:)

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