Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dual Haul: part 1!

So, over the weekend i went shopping with sophie from and we had an absolutely fabulous time! we didnt go to a lot of stores but, we got some great stuff!  this is going to be part 1 on the haul(what i bought), and on sophies blog will be the second part(what she bought). so i hope you enjoy! WARNING: this will be long, but mostly pictures!
the first thing i got was from the mac Glitter and Ice collection! i am IN LOVE with this collection and plan on buying much more than one thing! it was all sold out at my store but this one paint pot of which there was 1 left!
Lets Skate Paint Pot:shows up as barely pink, mostly shimmer/ glitter(gold)
I also got a lipstick from the permanent collection that is a lustre.
Politely Pink: lots of shimmer, goes on light, faint pink


This next stuff is from a local boutique that i love!

The shirt that i bought as a navy blue and is a normal shirt with a twist! it is big and flowy and looks great with leggings or skinny jeans!
This has a pocket on the chest but it is hard to see...also, the sleeves are rolled and sewn there:)
To finish off this haul, i bought this slouchy beanie! i have been wanting one of these so bad and finally found one!
this is NOT MINE it is the same style but i
couldn't get a good pic like this of mine.
this is the hat i bought, it is light peach with grey and sparkle going through the yarn! i love it!
so thats all!go check out for the rest! i do not know when she will be posting hers so im sorry if it is not up right away! If you have any questions about anything please ask! Have a great rest of the weekend
 and check back again this week for another post!
<3 SarahAnne

also: check out !! i love reading this site it is hilarious! it will definitely make you smile:D


  1. hey i really like your blog, but can you make the background an opaque black or something? it's kind of hard to read...
    everything else is perfect! :) xoxo

  2. thanks you so much and i have actually heard that a couple times now and i hope the change helped!<3