Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey dolls!
 i am insanely sorry i havent posted in a million years!! in the past week i have had 3 dance competitions! although winning pays off, i have been traveling and and living off of very little sleep.  not to mention blogger has not been working on my computer! i left in the middle of my tee shirt challenge, which will be post-poned until my photos are able to be uploaded again(not currently unploading). i plan to have more posts up by next weekend and hopefully my dance, homework, and stress flow will slow down by the holidays and i will have plenty of posts up! dont forget about my give away at 20 followers!
-young love
-sappy christmas movies
-keeping up with the kardashians
-trying to write essays
-no sleep
-fake eyelashes
<3 Sarah Anne

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