Thursday, December 22, 2011

another update:)

First off I would like to say im a fail at blogging because I havent posted in over a week! Ahhh its crazy so I'm very sorry again dolls but now that I am on break expect manymany posts:) tonight I had a Xmas party for dance and it was way too much fun:) I left quite early because quite frankly I feel sick... also because I have a LONG day tomorrow- hair app.(touching up highlights for the holidays), last minute Xmas shopping, cookie baking, being Santa and dropping of gifts to my friends, and even more dance! But don't worry wether it be while I'm getting my hair done, waking up early or going to bed late I will post! I have so many great post ideas including (maybe?) a Xmas haul if u guys want?! Well I'm off to bed soon but if I can't sleep I will post again!
-kylie jenner
-Candy cane flavored tootsie pops
-Pink Christmas trees
-singing sock monkeys
-No homework
-Jank film
-bad influences
-Tv seasons ending
<3 Sarah Anne

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