Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shoe Review: Lucky Brand Flats

today i was going to try and do a "my favorite shoes"  post, but unfortunatly my camera uploaded some of them but not all then died....yes DIED...right there and i dont mean battery i mean the whole camera just stopped working! fortunatly, it managed to upload pics of my favorite pair before it commited suicide. BAD NEWS: no shoe favorites GOOD NEWS: my favorite shoe review!
BRAND: Lucky Brand
STYLE: Emmie
FABRIC: Leather
COLOR: Sweet Autumn
i would just like to start of this review by saying that these shoe are amazing! i bought them for about $70 which is a lot for me to normally spend, but considering how much i wear them it is a bargain. these shoe are currently on of my favorite bargain sites!) for $42!! this is such a great deal! they are almost 50% off! i wish they had them in another color because the color they have so do i. find them here: . these shoes are all leather. the color on 6pm and the color i own are called sweet autumn.  this color is a ballet pink/nudeish color with a irredescant glaze on top, making them an essential piece! these babies go with everything. all in all i love these shoes to death!
- all leather
-cute heel stitching
-amazing qaulity
-good price
-cant imagine they will be warm in winter
-can be uncomfortable if you get the wrong size(not me)

<3 Sarah Anne