Saturday, November 12, 2011

Follower incentives!

hola everyone! sorry i haven't posted in a little while but i will be posting A LOT this weekend! i just wanted to lay down some follower incentives so as i get more followers i can do some really cool posts!

  • 15 followers- favorite blogs(or most worn tag{undecided})!
  • 25 followers- a day in my shoes!
  • 40 followers- everyday makeup!
  • 60 followers- makeup collection video!
  • 100 followers- room tour!
so basically once i have the amount of followers required i will do these special posts. i think i am even more excited to do these posts than you guys are to read them. i may switch some around if i get to anxious to do one but i will keep you posted! leave me a comment on what you think i should change/add!
<3Sarah Anne

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sarah! I just followed you... I sooo wanna see your make up collection, so I think that you should make that your next one? ;) if you wanna follow back? I'm doing a giveaway at 50 followers? That's an incentive! :D
    Thanks xx