Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Gel Nails

After spending endless hours doing and re-doing my nails, i decided it was time to find another alternative.  so i did some research and went to my local salon to get gel nails!  i did not want the extensions, but just the polish. i have now had them painted with gel a couple times and LOVE them! my first ones lasted about a month and only chipped once, until i deided to peel them off(not a good idea). yes, they do minorly ruin your nails and yes the uv light has a very very slim chance of causing skin cancer, but these babies last a month for me, without chipping!  a gel manicure normally costs around $40 dollars by me but i have found a place for $30! so to sum up the process you pretty much go in, get you nail trimmed or whatever, get a base coat, place them under a light for something like a minute(depnding on the wattage), get two color coats and a top coat(after each coat you place your nails under the light again). a quick tip is to make sure you put on lotion with spf support so the light doesnt hurt your skin.  everytime i have gotten them done, i have used the "gelish" polish(no i am not joking gelish is the name). it works beautifly for me! so, to sum this up....go get gel nails!
My current gel nails! i have had them for over a week!

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