Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Cameras

Hey Girlies! Whatsup? Yesterday i hungout with my friend and went to the mall!  my friend loves photography and lately i have been OBSESSED with it!  because i am so excited, i am going to get right to the point! there are 3 types of cameras i have been looking at- regular film cameras, fisheye cameras, and polaroids. these are amazing non digital cameras that take beautiful vintage-esc photos!  i recommend the style lomography because, based on my research and my friends knowledge, they take the best pictures!
Diana mini-$55(urban outfitters)
first im going to tell you guys about is regular film camera.  i have heard that the diana is a really great one.  just like for all film cameras, you have to buy corresponding film and will have to get it developed.  getting it developed is easy seeing as you can get it developed at walgreens, cvs, walmart, etc. however, it can be expensive.

here is an example of fisheye photography
The next kind of camera is a fisheye.  i plan on buying this kind next weekend! i am soooo excited! i am going to buy mine from my local urban outfitters, they sell the Lomo fisheye there for $48.

the final kind of camera is a polaroid.  these are more expensive but you do not have to have film developed so it evens out.  this is the kind of camera that instantly prints photos. my friend has the new version of polariods it is called the instax mini 7s instant camera.  it works wonderful and produces very professional looking photos!

So i really hope this helped you guys be inspired just as i am about these amazing cameras and i definatly encourage you to think about purchasing one!  if you have any questions email me or leave a comment or whatever!
Stay beautiful!
<3 SarahAnne

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