Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best beauty buys!

ok guys.... so we all knew this was coming because i am obsessed with makeup and i love finding it for great prices!  i started wearing makeup at the end of 7th grade.  i think that was a good time because that was when i could really understand what looked go vs trashy.
one of my favorite beauty buys is great lash mascara by maybaline!  almost everyone loves this mascara! on of my favorite things about it is not only that it costs around 5 dollars, but how instead of it being thick, it is thin and almost watery! this allows you to build it up for more length or vole without it looking clumpy.
the next beauty buy is korres natural lip butter! this adds the perfect amount of color to your lips while hydrating them!if you are looking for something with no color, try nivea chapstick! it is one of my favorite because it has no scent and goes on so light! it is the perfect chapstick that you will never get sick of!
sephora- $12
Around $3(price varies)
next product is... nyc eyeliner!  i love this stuff and it cost 99 cents!  oh my goodness what else could you ask for?!  i like the navy blue one the best because it easily accents any eyes, no matter what color!  i help it not look as sharp as black, but not as dull as brown.  definitely go try this one out!
well these are my most favorite recent beauty buys and i really hope you guys enjoyed them and go try them out!  also i wanted to add in my favorite site to buy high end makeup with a nice discount is all cosmetics wholesale!  a little clue about this website: check the sale almost everyday because it changes all the time and stuff goes fast!  well bloggers, good luck beauty bargaining!
<3 SarahAnne

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