Friday, February 3, 2012


i dont know about you guys, but i love getting our of the shower and having my hair smell so fresh!  heres a review of some of my favorites:)
I love this shampoo because it leaves your hair smelling exactly the way the shampoo smells in the bottle (it will also leave you whole bathroom smelling like it, i can smell it from down the hall!). this also has a mind blowing-high end price of only $7.99! this stuff is a steal and if you prefer trying a smaller version before buying the big mama, you can purchase that for around $2.99.  unfortunaly, i have not found this shampoo to have any "magic keratin powers", but i do think it get your hair clean and keeps your hair smelling AMAZING (and its organic!)

2. Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious- this shampoo is a cleaning machine! with its original bumble and bumble smell, it is just what you need to wake you up on early mornings! the downside of it is the price.  at about $22 its pretty pricey.  i have super curley/frizzy hair which i manage to tame down everyday and i have noticed that this shampoo works pretty good to help with that.
3.  Catwalk Headshot Heavenly Hydrating Shampoo- yumm! i love this shampoo! i actually found it on black friday at ulta for around $10 or something like that, normally it is a pricey amount of $33. this stuff smells fruity-mintyish. i love the smell and think the mint envigorates my scalp but some people may dislike it. even though this is pricey, it is about 25 fl oz, when you think about that its roughly 50 mascara tubes. WOW
4.  Smooth and Silky Tresemme- this stuff really works!  i almost never find a shampoo that works like it says, but this stuff honestly leaves your hair silky to the touch! this may very well be my favorite because it works so well and has an un beatable price at about $4.50! this shampoo refreshes your hair amazingly! it doesnt have much of a scent other than that "clean smell." one more plus about Smooth and Silky is that the bottle is 32oz! thats 7 more ounces than the Catwalk shampoo and Tresemme is 1/7 of the cost!

well i hope you guys like this post and let me know what you would like next:)

<3Sarah Anne

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