Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tee shirt challenge!

Hello girlies!
So today i was trying to think of new post ideas, and came up with this great idea(or so i think).  Everyday this week, i will have an outfit of the day...sounds pretty easy right?! well everyday i am going to be wearing the same tee shirt in the effort to promote how one shirt can be changed in sooo many ways.  dont worry i will be washing the shirt every night:)  fellow bloggers: feel free to try this new challenge out on your blog, leave me a link so i can check it out:)
next post: Catwalk shampoo/ conditioner review
post's later this week: tee shirt challenge
have a great night!
<3Sarah Anne
ps: I have the hair bow giveaway ready to go! waiting for 20 followers!

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