Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hey girls! i have some pretty exciting first giveaway! i am not having this giveaway just yet, but once i have 20 followers, this will happen! here is what im going to giveaway... so my really good friend makes a bunch of awesome duct tape items like purses phone cases ipad cases etc... and she also makes adorable hair pins! here's a pic...
arent they adorable?! i thought this was a great first giveaway!  dont worry im not only giving 1 away, i will be giving 5 away! wahooo!! that means if everyone of my followers enters, then 25% will win! i have pre-selected colors and they will be distributed randomly.  I hope this starts soon because im really excited! tell your friends to join so i can have this giveaway!
<3Sarah Anne

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