Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vintage and Antiques

Hey guys! So right now I am trying out blogger on my phone so I don't know how well this will work but hopefully good! So first off, I would like to say how sorry I am that I haven't posted in SO long! I have been insanely busy! Anyways, this post is on vintage things! While i was on a small vacation I had some time to check out some super trendy vintage and antique shops. I had so much fun searching through everything and hearing about the history! One of the awesome things i found was vintage lace. This stuff is so cool and beautiful! I hoping I will be able to add some to a shirt I already have. The next thing I coca cola bottles! I am on the hunt for ones that were decorated my designer in the 1900's. Me and my friend were at a shop a while ago and found some but they were not for sale! Let me know if you know where I can buy them! Ok to wrap this up I wanted to tell you guys a little tip! I went down to my grandparents house and they found out that I was really into vintage photography! So, my grandpa decided to show me his old cameras....long story short, he gave me his German made agfa camera! Not to mention the old vintage leather case and flash he had too!
So go ask your grandparents about old things...who know what they will have! Good luck vintaging!
<3 Sarah Anne

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